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Magnetic Accelerator Rifle (3D Model) by Undergr0undFurry Magnetic Accelerator Rifle (3D Model) by Undergr0undFurry
Max Effective Range: Untested (estimated at 2.5 mi.)
Muzzle Velocity: Variable (2300-8000 ft/s)
Ammo Capacity: 12 Rounds
Ammo Type: 1.4oz Hardened Steel Projectiles (can be made to fire any suitable magnetic object)
Power Supply: Morgan Stabilized Energy Loop. 

The Magnetic Accelerator at the core of this weapon was initially built by the famous inventor Miles Prower, as a commissioned experiment for a friend. Unknown to him however, the device was weaponized, and later used in an unsanctioned assassination.

Though normal semi-automatic fire uses only 8% charge per round, the action lever can be used to divert additional energy to the next shot, greatly increasing range and damage, though this will quickly deplete the power supply...
The need for both ammo and a substantial power supply makes this weapon slightly impractical, but the lack of explosive charge makes this weapon nearly silent (except for the sonic boom of the round itself).
Despite it's improvised nature, this unique gun remains the planet's most powerful sniper rifle, to date.


A Full 3D Virtual Model of the ultimate Sniper Rifle
FREE Download includes: .obj, .3ds, and original Wings 3D files
Open for both Private and Commercial re-use (just credit me).
Made with Wings 3D software.
Danialprower Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
XD reminds me of Xcom Enemy Unknown and their advanced laser gun hehe.
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