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Animated Icons / Stamps
A simple Gif. 100x150 pixels or less.
*Price for basic Animations 5 seconds or less in length.
*Satisfaction Guaranteed!
3D Animations (See details below)
Animation of EXISTING 3.D. Models.
*Available in ANY file format, or Resolution. 
*Price for Animations 5 seconds or less in length.
*Longer / More complex Commissions Available for additional fee... 
( + 2:points:/:twocents: per sec.)
(:shrug:Fees above are Negotiable.)
 *Custom 3D models can also be purchased below. (Price based on complexity/detail.)
 *Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Japanese Style Anime
Complex Fully Customized Animations or Youtube videos
*Available in ANY Resolution, ANY File format (Swf, Mp4, Etc... ) Induces Sound/Music!
*Price for Animations 10 seconds or less in length.
*Price includes of 2 animated characters of your choice.
*Longer / More complex Commissions Available for additional fee... 
( +5:points:/:twocents: per sec. x number of characters, [Min 80:points: per new Character].)
(:shrug:Fees above are Negotiable.) 
 *Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Custom 3D Models
3D models of ANY object, Made to your specifications.
*Multiple File formats available... (3ds. xml. ndo. obj. Etc... )
*Price Based on a 300 polygon count model.
*More Complex/Detailed models available for an additional fee... 
(300 polys per 100:points:/1:dollarus:... :shrug:Fees are Negotiable.)
*Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Video Conversions / Alterations
Change the File Format, Speed and Resolution of ANY EXISTING Video.
*PERFECT for custom Cell-phone backgrounds!
*Includes free "Camerawork Correction" for home Videos!!!
*Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Newest Deviations

Happy 2016! by Undergr0undFurry Happy 2016! :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 1 1 Summer Silhouette by Undergr0undFurry Summer Silhouette :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 0 7
The Masked Vigilante (Sonic X + SatAM)
The masked rabbit's ears twitched as he walked down the streets of the rebuilt Mobotropolis. Blaine ignored the gawking eyes of passing strangers, listening instead for a particular voice, knowing he was being followed.
Though he couldn't get a glimpse of his stalker, she constantly talked to herself... and those long ears of his weren't just for show.  
"There goes baby... Mama told me to watch him."
"Can't let him get away again."
Blaine had been a nomad for years. He'd first become one partially to get away from this crackpot, and partially to hide from the shame of his scarred face. For a while he'd found solace fighting with the resistance in this very city, But...
...those days were over.
"He wants to play hide and seek... I'll find him."
The flop-eard rabbit knew his mask was making him easy to track, but he never took it off, except to eat... which he hadn't exactly been doing much lately.
Blaine ducked into a shop and bought a newspaper... Both to hide his face, and take
:iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 1 1
Gremlins Emblem Watermark by Undergr0undFurry Gremlins Emblem Watermark :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 6 2 M.H. Logo Idea by Undergr0undFurry M.H. Logo Idea :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 2 6 Gremlin's Emblem: Spray-Stencil by Undergr0undFurry Gremlin's Emblem: Spray-Stencil :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 6 0 Symbol of Sabotage by Undergr0undFurry Symbol of Sabotage :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 6 27 Gremlins' Stealth Training: P.A.Wolf + Gabz by Undergr0undFurry Gremlins' Stealth Training: P.A.Wolf + Gabz :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 9 20 DomesDay Device: Vanilla Minecraft1.8+ (Updated) by Undergr0undFurry DomesDay Device: Vanilla Minecraft1.8+ (Updated) :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 6 13 Not a Meme by Undergr0undFurry Not a Meme :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 1 7 Commission: Pickachu-Williams Icon by Undergr0undFurry Commission: Pickachu-Williams Icon :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 2 14 Furry New-Year by Undergr0undFurry Furry New-Year :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 1 4
The New Girl: (Sonic Satam)
She couldn't believe what she was seeing...
The brown and red hedgehog stared blankly at the news report, even as the reporter and camera-guy were dragged off-screen. The station cut transmission moments later as her hometown, one of the last free cities, fell under Robotnik's control.
Gabz rushed through the abandoned apartment tower.
Why was she here, in the heart of Robotropolis? follow some guy she had met in the pub?
She didn't even like him!!!
Now both her daughters were in mortal danger!
...adopted, true, but still family.
She never thought Robotnik would invade so far south, no one did, but she was wrong...
Gabz nearly ran over poor Cat, as she stormed down the hall, and she all but ignored the elderly mountain lion as he tried to flag her down.
"Gabz? Gabz! I have a letter for you..."
A letter? There was no mail service here... they must smuggle it in with the supplies.
"...It's from Patta!" Cat continued.
Only hearing her daughter's name caused Gabz to stop.
"Fine!" She
:iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 3 3
Backstabbing Sword by Undergr0undFurry Backstabbing Sword :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 5 2 Aerial Lobotomy by Undergr0undFurry Aerial Lobotomy :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 4 11 Animated Tutorial: Pro Quality Shading Made EASY by Undergr0undFurry Animated Tutorial: Pro Quality Shading Made EASY :iconundergr0undfurry:Undergr0undFurry 13 9



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To my friends and watchers...

You may have noticed I haven't been spending much time here on DeviantArt.
Unfortunately the time constraints of real-life (both online and off) have squeezed out the free time I used to spend here.
While I do not intend to delete my account, at this point, it's pretty much permanently dormant.
From now on just consider me to be in a state of Cryo-Stasis... frozen until I can return to my life here... but no telling how long that may be.

Hopefully, I'll see you all on the other side! :wave:

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My interests are as varied as the frequency modulations of a Rock song. Guitar Player by Davidgtza2
Yes I'm a geek! :o... A geek who expresses himself best through art and music.
A quick peak at my gallery will reveal I have talent, in everything from 3D design, to writing, to animation.

Admittedly, I have been a bit obsessed, lately with a certain Blue hedgehog... SonicRush emoticon by Hitono-kun
...or rather, the world he comes from.
But he is in fact responsible for my finding D.A. in the first place.

I'm re-living my childhood, So sue me!
Sometimes you have to "grow up" before you can truly be a kid...

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